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  1. The evaluation is done by a jury of distinguished soloists and pedagogues from Germany and abroad. 
  2. The jury will make its decisions according to Jury Regulations. No appeal will be considered against the jury’s decision. The judges’ decision shall be final.
  3. Participants are not allowed to be educated or to be advised by judges during the competition.
  4. The evaluation:

           - musical shaping (knowledge of style and authentic performance practice)
           - sound quality and expressiveness
           - technical skill
           - artistic personality

     The evaluation is based on criteria expected of young soloists with an appropriate artistic maturity.

  5. After the jury discussions, participants are informed as to which candidates shall proceed to the next round. This will be done by the jury chairman. The announcement takes place in the order of appearances. Candidates’ points and placements are not announced.
  6. The chairman and members of the jury can advice unsuccessful candidates about their achievement. Candidates shall be informed about this possibility. During these consultations no information about points is given.
  7. The jury may decide not to award any prizes. The awards of prizes are decided by the jury alone. Prizes can but do not have to be awarded.

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